Considering Chin Surgery As an Alternative to Correct Slight Underbite Profile. - Farmingville, NY

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Hello, Okay so heres my situation. I've been to 3...

Hello, Okay so heres my situation. I've been to 3 different orthos, 2 said braces and jaw surgery would be the most ideal way to fix my class 3 bite. I am a 23 year old adult female so I've been told that surgery is really the only option for adults with an underbite. So I went to the 3rd ortho with hopes of him having an alternative to my problem. He told me that because my underbite is so slight (more edge to edge than anything, but still the underbite is present), i think only off by 1 1/2 mm, that I can have 1 lower front tooth removed and then have braces pull everything together and pushed behind my upper teeth. This deff sounded like a better alternative to surgery. But heres the thing, I realize that this option will fix my bite but wont change my profile much. My profile isnt bad (I will be posting pictures very soon) but when i smile my chin looks quite long and my jaw protrudes slightly. So i was thinking that I could get my bite fixed with just the braces and tooth removal and then get a chin reduction to kind of mask the larger jaw issue? If anyone has gone through this or is considering this, I would very much appreciate whatever advice you have to give!!! Thank you!!! :)

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