Perlane and Restylane...Life a Good Way!

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I had turned 45 and was looking in the mirror and...

I had turned 45 and was looking in the mirror and noticing the folds and creases. I did not like what I saw. My doctor explained that the earlier you treat the folds and wrinkles the more success you can have with minimizing the lines and actually with a regular schedule, keep those lines at bay.

I received my first injection of Dysport in October 2009. I came back to my doctor for Restylane and Perlane fillers in mid November 2009. May 23rd of this year I went in for all 3 to be done again. I required less and still had plumpness in my lips from the first injections! I have never felt better and someone actually saw a picture of me in my 20's and told me I have hardly aged! This has been such a confidence booster. From now on I will continue to invest in myself first and keep the youthful glow and look that these products have given me.

Northwest Cosmetic Center, Dr. Levin

Dr. L is so patient when answering your questions. She always stops and asks if you are comfortable. She really uses the needles to sculpt, not just fill in lines and plump. She appears to approach your face from an individual perspective and really seems more like an artist who is creating beauty rather than a doctor who just performs a job.

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