My Whole Teenage Years and Earlier Led Me to This - Fargo, ND

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I first got acne at the tender age of 10 and from...

I first got acne at the tender age of 10 and from that age to 19 dealt with severe cystic acne..Tried proactive, differin gel, creams, tazorac, spironalcactone..etc..EVERYTHING..but for the life of NOTHING worked I spent years hiding and covering..i did 4 months of treatment because I had to stop short due to my severe back pain and bad IBS issues..i still have IBS 8 years later and my acne isn't gone but its soooooo much better and manageable I don't get deep cystic ones ever and its so much better...I would do again in a heartbeat....even knowing what I know now..good luck to everyone...hardest battle of my life...and DRINK ALOT WATER and use aquaphor on your mouth
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