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Hello, I used trentoin cream two years ago as I...

Hello, I used trentoin cream two years ago as I felt I was looking older...what I ended up with after was HUGE pores and pock/dent marks from old scars showing.
I tried to leave my skin alone in hopes that it would heal and have tried multiple creams/exfoliation the past year and a half with no sucess. I was thinking I should just face facts and accept the bad skin I now have and just try to cover it with primers.
Anyways I came across a website that said how to use an earwax removal ointment to clear blackheads.
Anyways I tried it as I have some black heads on my nose and I think it is clearing all my pores and helping them to look smaller. I have also been exfoliating like mad and believe my skin is starting to look better ( this has just started to happen over the last week)...could it be the side effect of large pores from retin a is just from blocked pores???
Anyways I wanted to share so that maybe it may help some of you out with the same problem..I have also been using ice elements 2 minute exfoliating gel with manual exfoliation..I am doing the ear drops twice a day and this is like my fourth day of it.
Good luck..I am sure this may not be the answer for everyone as we all have different skin..I hope it keeps working for me :)

Orange peel skin

Did not work after all for skin...black heads are better..see website in original post

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