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I have had Belotero 4 months ago and loved it. It...

I have had Belotero 4 months ago and loved it. It was subtle, filled my wrinkles around my lips, I loved it. I tried Juvederm this time since it is the same price $500 and lasts a year. I was thinking I would get similar results. Wrong. I have lumps, uneven, and look like a duck or as others say trout pout. I hate it! I have been trying to massage them to flatten the trout pout. I have also been massaging them to try to lessen the lumps. I have not been able to speak to my MD yet since it was a long weekend. I will never use this product again. I would rather pay $500 a few times a year to get the Belotero.

Buyers be aware.


I must say that I hated my Juvederm lips for almost 5 months. After that it finally started to look natural and I have enjoyed the results the last 6 months. It does last significantly longer than Belotero, but the firs few months were not good for me. If I do use this product again it will be half of what I used previously and take time off to let the swelling go down.
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I love my MD, she did my lips with Belotero and they were perfect. Definitely it is the Juvederm.

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