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I had -5.00 vision in both eyes. Contacts were...

I had -5.00 vision in both eyes. Contacts were getting less and less bearable, and glasses are a pain to deal with of course. I went to a couple of places, finally decided on the one that uses all laser for everything (flap cutting as well as the correction). They didn't pressure me at all, and seemed like they were genuinely interested in my well being above the profit.

The procedure lasted about 15 minutes. My eyes were numb, but I could feel pressure from the instruments. Not painful, but uncomfortable. I did my best to cooperate with everything the doctor told me to do (look at the light, don't move your eye... not that you could if you wanted to, it's held in place with suction). As I got up from the surgery table I could already see 20/20, but everything looked hazy, like in a fog. They put goggles over my eyes, and on the drive back the numbing drops wore off. My eyes were watering pretty badly, and it felt as if I had sand in them. I just kept them closed.

When I got home, I put some more numbing drops in, and went to sleep. The next day I felt more or less fine. The haze was still there but much less so. Vision was perfect. It has been two weeks since my surgery. There is still a little haze, only at night and around bright lights, but I can still drive at night with no problems. According to the doctor, the haze should go away completely in a couple of months. Otherwise my vision is great (20/15 in both eyes) and I am very happy with the whole thing.

Dr. Boutros

They make the flap with a laser instead of blade which is supposed to be more accurate and reduces side effects. Also they didn't pressure me, were very attentive to all my concerns, and guided me through the whole procedure.

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