Facial Fat Transfer -- Very Disappointed :o(

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The procedure itself wasn't all that bad. I...

The procedure itself wasn't all that bad. I little pressure and quite a bit of pain (didn't use anesthesia) in the area where the fat was removed (my right hip). But the big disappointment came when, even after two sessions, I saw very little difference. And, what little difference I did see initially is long gone. I had the procedure done in November and it's now February. The real insult is that I am still making payments on it, and the very small benefit was definitely NOT worth it!

Robert Alexander

The doctor isn't really bad, I just think he's not real good with anything more than botox injections. It's his office receptionist (also his wife) that is hurting his practice. She is a complete dingbat and is a bit argumentative. She lost my chart (left it at home, and told me so herself!) made wrong appointment times and then lied about it, wanted me to see HER for my follow-up appointment instead of the doctor or his nurse, and called me an hour before my appointment to ask me what kind of anesthesia I was having! Hello?

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