Facial Fat Transfer----help!!!!

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I went in 6 days ago to have fat transfer for my...

I went in 6 days ago to have fat transfer for my upper lips and a little under my eyes to help with shadowing. The PS gave me valium and verset for the procedure. It was extremely painful. When I got home and the medication wore off I realized I had stitches in my mouth. The ps said my fat was too lumpy so she didnt put any im upper lip...THANK GOD!!! But she went through my mouth and put it into my muscle in my face instead through my cheek area!!! My right side is now soooo infected I can barely brush my teeth. The left side looks totally different but still not good. Right side is horrible. I can barely smile and everything is crooked. Im now on an antibiotic and a steroid dose pack. Help!!! Anyone heard of getting fat injections through the mouth? I'm very worried about the infection and outcome. Hoping that none of the fat will take. Probably wishful thinking.

I'm still extremely swollen on my right side....

I'm still extremely swollen on my right side. Im putting warm compresses on my face and still taking an antibiotic and steroid dose pack. My anxiety level is high...for sure. I had to cancel another week of work. I would not want to be seen like this. I know infection is a possibility with fat transfer but not sure what my prognosis is. I look like a freako and feel terrible! : (

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I feel like the ps didnt do the procedure we talked about doing at all. I'm extremely concerned with the infection I have , and if I will ever be normal again.

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