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My facelift experience has been a good one. I had...

My facelift experience has been a good one. I had wrinkles all over my neck , jawline and forehead. The wrinkling was premature since i am just 40. So facelift was a good option and i had seen some friends get it done with great results. I also saw the same.

There was no inpatient stay involved and i came home when we were done. It did hurt, not during the facelift but later, when i came home. It took several hours, but i did not have to stay back for the night which was a relief! The doc did my face one side at a time. Making incisions behind the ear, hairline and under the chin.He also removed some fat from under my chin and kind of pulled the skin back. He kinda lifted it up and stitched it back i think. He placed a tube under the chin to collect blood and bandaged my face for a while to keep the swelling in check. I kept my head elevated for some days after. All stitches were removed after a week.

The recovery was good. Comfortable and since i knew what i would be in for, i was ok and sort of expecting it. Nothing unusual or scary happened. I looked wierd for some time till the swelling went away but after that i was looking really good. I am very happy. I look young and my skin is smooth and fresh now. It does a lot for your confidence.

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