Lifting Away Stress and Aging

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Divorce and the death of my oldest son at age 18...

Divorce and the death of my oldest son at age 18 happened in the span of five years. This took its toll on me and when it came down to it I decided to do something for myself. I had aged about twenty years in those five years and wanted a positive change. I found a surgery buddy and we went through the process together. We went to the same consultations and we shared info. We would also share recoveries, which was really a nice thing to have. I didn’t have good friends at the time and felt pretty lonely; not being lonely while recovering was an important factor for me. My buddy Cheryl was there for me, even in the middle of the night. I had the surgery on a Tuesday and stayed at an aftercare facility until the Friday. I hear of women going home the same day. This is craziness! I can’t begin to tell of the benefits of staying in good hands for those first 72 hours. A lot of your questions and concerns are answered immediately by the doctors and nurses there, instead of you staying up all night worrying about things unnecessarily and waiting for your surgeon’s office to open for the day. My single biggest recovery problem was swelling. My scars healed up beautifully, my surgeon even complimented my wound healing (like I had something to do with it, but maybe I did!); however, I had my face in ice packs for the better part of three weeks. This got frustrating as even an hour of watching my favorite show sans ice was enough to bring the whole day’s worth of swelling right back to my face. After a month the results were apparent and I continued to improve after that. The scars were tucked nicely into my hairline and I had taken all those stressful years off my face. I can see myself needing a revision or SMAS later in life as age takes its toll again, but for now I can’t speak highly enough of the way I look.
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