Love It; Very Tough Surgery, Though; Don't Take It Lightly.

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I had a facelift and browlift at the same time,...

I had a facelift and browlift at the same time, plus under-chin lipo and including the removal of neck-sagging. Had it when I was 45. I am now 50 but still look early 40s even without makeup. I look like the old me. It is a permanent improvement, and I love it, and if the time comes when I need it again, I'll do it again in a second. THAT SAID---this operation was performed outpatient, as it usually is, but it is a serious, serious operation. I was under for 5 and a half hours, and it took me a full 20 days to even ba able to get around well. I do have very pale, very thin, very sensitive skin, but still--the swelling and bruising and excess bleeding were simply horrible. Be sure you have someone responsible with you night and day, 24 hours--I thought it would be ok for my friend to go home after the first evening, and about 2 hours after she left, I was extremely ill and had to go in to the ER. Turned out I was fine, just needed one of the drains changed, but it was frightening. (Oh yeah, they put these awful drains that look like tubes coming out of your head, filling up with blood and fluid---very awful---you wear them around for a few days (in my case about 5 days, but I understand that most people get them out sooner.)

Still, I would absolutely do this again; I would probably try to either get them to let me stay a couple of days in a hospital or hire an RN that I carefully screened to help my friends look after me. This is really no picnic.

One more thing---I had the kind of brow likft done with two tiny incisions in the scalp, and they promised it would not show---and it is amazing, it absolutely does not show, and the whole forehead and eye area looks totally natural, not that "surprised" look at all, but no more furrows, wrinkles, and sagging lids. I would do this rather than eyelid lifts, frankly.

Dr Metzger (formerly in new orleans)

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