LOVE my Face Lift!

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I originally went in to see about a life-style...

I originally went in to see about a life-style life but the staff and doctor advised me that the more invasive tissue lift would be of greater benifit to me, I'm 50. I didn't think I looked that bad until they took the "before" pictures and I looked "that bad". I wanted to go to California to my mothers sugeon for my face lift because he is an artist in facial plastic surgery but we had recently moved to Missouri so I sought out Doctor L. I was very anxious about the result, but a medical assistant in the office had a full facial rejuvination and she looked WONDERFUL so that allieviated some of the jitters. The proceedure itselt wasn't that bad, it took 1 1/2 hours and the surgical staff were the best. Everything went wonderfully well, I went home and I was pretty uncomfortable for 2-4 weeks but when I started seeing the results I forgot all about the pain. I LOVE my result and I loved the staff and doctor L. I will never go anywhere else I am so impressed with his work. People say that I look 15 years younger. I didn't have the brow lift, and now I'm sorry, you should opt for the whole enchilada, eyes, mid face and lower. I want to get a brow lift ASAP. After my experience I would have any proceedure I have $$$ for. They lift your spirits so much, when you look in the mirror you feel so proud and you just feel so rejuvinated inside and out. I would really advise anyone that can come to SW Missouri to see Dr. L. He is a past president of the American Board of Facial Plastic and reconstructive surgery. Rob your piggy bank and have the best... You'll never regret it. You might actually buy some more mirrors for your home. And you know how woman all gossip about people that have had "work". Well let me tell you, the men LOVE it~~~

Springfield Facial Plastic Surgeon

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