Facelift Good, but Drawbacks

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*Treatment results may vary

Pro:cheek pads are back up to place they'd been...


  • cheek pads are back up to place they'd been years ago
  • jowls are gone
  • eyes look extremely nice (bleph same time)
  • easy recovery
  • scars BEHIND ears are not noticeable


  • one year later and face still feels tight, at times worse than others
  • scars that anybody with good eyesight can see, they can't be totally covered with the best concealer
  • one side is pulled somewhat tighter than other-that side also looks more hollow than the other side
  • Lift has amplified my pre-existing asymmetry in (pronounced) cheekbones
  • Earlobe on one side is odd now, as if my face is now lapping onto it. (think muffin top with earlobe as paper)

Despite the cons, I look quite good. I just want to emphasize to anyone considering facelift, there may well be something changed that you might not have been prepared for, some drawbacks with best success. And don't get in love with the post op swelling, it diminishes after a while and filler won't bring it back (not that nice diffuse look, anyway)

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