Facelift Doesn’t Stop Time but Does Make You Look Better

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October 2006 I had a facelift and chin lipo for...

October 2006 I had a facelift and chin lipo for the usual reasons: I am mid-40s and I look my age. I didn’t think I looked horrible then but this was to be a proactive step. My doc was very truthful. I asked him about getting a bleph and he said I didn’t need it. Then I asked him about just a lower facelift and showed him what areas I wanted changed. He advised that a full facelift would be better for me. He was very realistic, as was I, about not trying to look 18 again. I have no problem looking my age as long as I look GOOD for my age. I think there is a difference that most people don’t recognise. The work he did was fantastic. The most drastic change came in my chin area because he removed the fat there and also pulled the skin up. It is dramatic and this alone makes me happy for the procedure. The results I see in the rest of my face are lovely as well. I look refreshed and I would say mid to late 30s... but GOOD. Most important was that this should look natural. I think that is why my doc steered me away from the bleph, because too much work would ruin the subtly I wanted. I am glad I trusted him with this as I think I wouldn’t be happy if I’d done it my way. I am over the moon. My results are fantastic and I wholly recommend this to anyone who wants to look better at their age.
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