Face Lift Has Lifted my Spirits Too - Dallas, TX

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I find my spirits lifted after my face lift. I am...

I find my spirits lifted after my face lift. I am elated at the results and i a can't stop smiling every time i look into the mirror. I am a 55 years old woman from Texas. I have a well defined face, but age had sagged my skin enormously. My face skin was hanging loose, specially around the eyes and my neck. I searched for the best clinic around my area and the results were better than what i expected. I have been told that some doctors give local anesthesia but i was given a general one. The doctor performed the surgery which took a couple of hours. The recovery took about two weeks although the swelling and the bruising took a few weeks more. I felt some pain after the anesthesia effect wore off but i was prescribed medication to keep the pain under control. I stayed overnight at the hospital and the doctors monitored my recovery. I know that my face will continue to sag and wrinkle as i get older, but i can see that i won't see any wrinkles atleast for some years. Once i feel that my skin starts sagging again, i will go for a second face lift. Meanwhile, i will save up for the next face lift, which i shall get done after some years. I was very low on self confidence. I have had some tough times and the stress had begun to show on my face drastically. I used to look around 70. I dont have a problem with getting older at all and feel age is a sign of wisdom. But due to some hard times i have seen in my life, being a sinlge mother and raising 3 kids, i have had a tough life. After so many years of struggle, i decided to do something just for myself once in my life and i gifted myself with a new look. Face lift has taken the premature age off of my face and if not younger, i at least look 57. I am very happy with getting a face lift done and it was a present i truly deserved to give myself.
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