Face-lift Surgery Gave Me One-month of Hope and No Results

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I have wanted cosmetic surgery for most of my...

I have wanted cosmetic surgery for most of my life, childhood included. I was always Plain Jane. I looked at my favorite actresses growing up and wanted their body but knew I would never get it.

Plain Jane is who my husband married and he didn’t support my decision to have surgery. Well, he supported it because he wanted me to look better but he didn’t agree with my reasons for doing it or the cost. I don’t think self-esteem entered into the equation for him.

I was scared to death to do anything to my body so when I finally got up the nerve I rushed into it. I went to one consultation, agreed with the surgeon and the fees, and scheduled the surgery.

The day of I got there early and they took me right back. I was glad to have splashed out on a real hospital and a good doctor. It cost a lot but I was afraid I would never wake up. This was the place to be if that happened!

I was in surgery for 8 hours and out of it long after that. They kept me overnight. When I got home all I could do was open my mouth enough to slip in a sleeping pill or pain pill and then fall back into the easy chair. I had absolutely no energy.

It has now been a month and I am not happy with my face-lift. I got it mainly to pick up my droopy jowls and neckline, but it hasn’t done that. I think I am almost back to normal and even though that is technically an improvement, it is an improvement at a very substantial cost.

My surgeon and I had conversations about looking natural post-surgery and I think that has been my downfall. I told him I was afraid he’d take too much and so he hasn’t. When I go back for follow-ups with my surgeon I am going to ask him about this because I think I may actually need to go back in and get a revision. Already!

I had a rhinoplasty and upper/lower blepharoplasty in the same surgery. I’ve reviewed all of my procedures here on RealSelf.

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