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I did lower eyelid surgery one week ago and a neck...

I did lower eyelid surgery one week ago and a neck lipo 4 days ago. I look like badly beaten-up, but not as bad as after my CO2 laser treatment. I looked like Freddy Kruegers sister after the CO2 laser treatment. I don't recommend CO2 at all. My skin color is very uneven and I have a lot of white spots everywhere. I also didn't help at all with access skin, dark spots and so on. Take a nice holiday instead ... honestly! I have (would love to write "had") a lot of access skin around my lower eye lid. I tried everything - Botox (of course), all kind of fillers and CO2 laser. The rest of my skin is quite nice and firm for my age.

Therefore I finanlly decided to do the eye surgery. In Vietnam plastic surgery is avordable. The eys surgery cost only USD 500,00 and the neck lipo only USD 800,00. The CO2 was compare to that more expensive USD 950,00. I am not sure if I made a big mistake, because there is still a lot of access skin and the scar is probably pretty obvious.

My eyes are still swollen, but it looks like the shape is diffrent. Is it worse to have access skin or an obvious scar below your eyes??? I will know more after the Doctor took the stidges out tomorrow. This was for sure the last time I tried to turn back time... I most probably made it worse.

My advice therefore: Leave it be and try to love yourself the way you are.

Dr. Khanh

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