I had the eyelid surgery - LOVE IT! - Atlanta, GA

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I had the eyelid surgery aka blepharoplasty or eye...

I had the eyelid surgery aka blepharoplasty or eye lift. Oh you don't know how happy this procedure can make you until you do it. I had a general anesthetic, although most people do it in the doctor's office and save about a grand. A word of caution... be careful about who you choose to do it for you. It is better to pay more than be sorry afterward. The next day the swelling is at its worst so don't even look in the mirror. Cool packs can be used the first day or two, but I didn't think they helped. I found out warm moist steam, like in a steamy shower helps reduce swelling and bruising so tried that and did think that helped. Don't do warm until a day or two has passed. On the fourth day most of the swelling was gone. By the sixth day all of the swelling was gone, but bruising discoloration was still there. I could hide that with makeup. By twelve days, all the discoloration was gone. The eyelid surgery takes years off your appearance, plus you don't look tired or grumpy anymore. I can wear eyeshadow better now. Before, the extra eyelid skin just made a mess of it. Also, without the skin coming down and touching the eyelashes, my mascara stays better. When the eyelids are saggy enough, insurance will pay for the upper lids, and you just have to put in a little extra for the lower ones. I don't recommend waiting long enough that they get so bad insurance will pay for it. This is money well spent. Just skip a vacation or something.
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