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WORTH EVERY BIT of the negligible pain, money, etc...

WORTH EVERY BIT of the negligible pain, money, etc. I would have re-financed my house if I had have known the difference it would have made, as far as the money is concerned. I am not just talking the cosmetic, but now realize that I no longer wake up with a headache each day, either, from the hooding & heaviness that I had developed, and even better, I found a picture I had done from my modeling days, and I actually (only the EYE area) look better! I, apparently, always had heavy eyelids, which weren't an issue in my earlier years, but became much more of an issue to me later. This guy ( the doctor) did an awesome job.

I DID have MAJOR bruising... an ALTERATIVE PRACTITIONER FINALLY had to step in because the prescribed drugs did NOT do the job... if you do have BRUISING issues and scarring issues, do NOT mess around!!! FIND {edited - you must contact this user privately to recieve this information. To contact a user privately click their username.} SHE can help you! She gave me BRUISE INFUSE and that was it... I started healing up and the bruising went away!

I must admit that I was somewhat put off that {edited - provider information is located above the review} was in small town... however, I found out that he and his wife had recently moved there to raise their young son (last of six kids) in slower way of life... they are from larger city (he has been well-trained & my eyes (and breasts-proved it)... his staff is amazingly great and this is not some country doc (not that there is anything wrong with that- but if more experience with your bleph, this guy has far more experience than that, as far as NUMBERS)... good luck!

Charleston Plastic Surgeon

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