Blepharoplasty Top and Bottom

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I'm sharing my post op eyelid surgery journey with my fellow RS friends.

Others had helped me decide on getting my surgery by looking at their pic's! I thank you all for sharing! I can't believe what an incredible job Dr. Leonard Prutsok did! I have had NO complications, minimal bruising/swelling and the scars are so tiny and clean, not bumpy or uneven. I'm very glad I did. Thank you for sharing! Xox, Cheryl

Before and after pics (only on day 8)

And the scars are almost invisible. I have swelling and bruising. My Plastic is Surgeon Dr.Leonard Prutsok. He is in Orange County. He has done my friends eyes and also neck and more. I trust him completely which is so important because eye surgery is a little scary to be honest!!

More pictures

Eyelid surgery DAY 13

I'm so excited because they get better everyday! I would be happy to answer my questions! I use cold/warm masks. I still tape at night.

Blepharoplasty week 4 pics

It's been 5 weeks since my top and lower eye lid surgery (Blepharoplasty). My eyes look and feel great. The tightness is almost completely gone on top and bottoms are not tight why I ever. I still do lower eyelid massage.

Blepharoplasty love it! Dr. Prutsok gives natural results and is a USA Board certified Plastic Surgeon.

I have had upper and lower eyelid surgery 6 weeks ago. Dr. Prutsok also did my Breast Augmentation with lift about 20 years ago. He is the best and so nice.  He also fixed my friends husbands face from car accident.  He is a police officer and was in a major car accident on duty. Dr. Prutsok told my friend to bring in a picture of what police officer husband  used to look like before accident.  She said she bought in the best photo she had of him. Dr. Prutsok made him even better looking than before accident. My friend was thrilled!! He is a true reconstructive and cosmetic Plastic Surgeon.  Facelifts and cosmetic surgeries are easy for him. His skills are amazing  and the results speak for themselves. He isn't a big advertiser and is very busy through referrals only that's why I like to post my results because he isn't one of those advertisers.

Orange Plastic Surgeon

Dr Leonard Prutsok goes above and beyond my expectations of skill and kindness for a Plastic Surgeon. Seems like my whole salon and patrons all go to Dr. Leonard Prutsok. He's been head of Plastic Surgery serving Orange County for decades. I only trust him. He is who the rest learn from (true story). Anyway, I'm day 5 post op and just got the rest of my stitches out.

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