68 Year Old Man - Turkey Neck and Sagging Eyes

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68 Year Old Man - Turkey Neck and Sagging Eyes

I'm a 68 year old man in pretty good shape except for my turkey neck and drooping eyes. My wife was researching her own face lift and convinced me that I should go with her to the consultation and see what could be done for me. (I think her plan has been to use me as a test subject. If I survive, she'll go second.)
Surgery was at Mt. Sinai in NYC on the eve of the Blizzard of 2017. Got to the hotel as the snow began to fall. When we told Dr. Jablonka where we were staying, he told us that he lived a block away, and would come see me at the hotel in the morning so that we wouldn't have to fight through the snow to come back to the hospital.
So far, so good. First night was tough after the pharmacy failed to fill the pain medication Rx. Had all the antibiotics, anti-nausea, and stool softeners I could wish for but not the Oxy. Marcia trudged out in the blizzard to 2 drug stores before she could get the Oxy.
Dr. Jablonka came to the hotel in the morning, removed the drains and changed the bandages. (Great service!) Could have gone home that day, but for the snow emergency.
So, surgery late Monday, snowed in at the hotel on Tuesday, home on Wednesday. Continued the Oxy until Thursday, but none needed since then. On Thursday afternoon I put on my Uni-bomber costume and ventured out to make sure I could drive (I could), and on Friday I drove myself to the train station and took the train and subway into Manhattan and back to Mt. Sinai.
In the waiting room we had a little gathering of RealSelf members, one in for a consult, another who had just had a procedure the previous night.
Without any real wait, I saw the doctor, he removed the bandages, and most of the stitches. (Spoiler: The removal of the stitches on the eyelids is a memorable experience. Bring a bullet to bite on.)
I have an improvised Ace bandage chin strap until the one I ordered from Amazon arrives, and I'm back for staple removal on Tuesday.

Fourteen days out, last of stitches and…

Fourteen days out, last of stitches and staples removed. Neck looks really great. Dr. Jablonka sent me this great before and after. While the bruising was still there, the shape of the neck is a huge improvement.
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