I Don't Look 'Mean' Anymore!

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I had a blep done 8/2007. My eyelids started...

I had a blep done 8/2007. My eyelids started drooping when I was in my early 20's (30 years ago) and just got progressively worse. I gave up wearing eyeliner, shadow and mascara because it couldn't be seen anyway. My insurance covered the procedure, so my cost was a $100 co-pay. The procedure itself was very quick (7 minutes total for both eyes!). I experienced a slight discomfort a few hours afterward, but it was the worst day, appearance-wise. The second day was a bit more uncomfortable but I didn't look quite as bad. By the third day, the discomfort was only slight, and the swelling and bruising was not as noticeable. By day 13, the bruising was gone completely.

I found the Erythromycin ointment I applied to the sutures caused my eyes to be very light sensitive and I wasn't able to focus to watch tv, read, drive, etc., which made for a long few days recovery. I was cleared to wear eye makeup at my 2 month final check back appointment, but I found it challenging to actually apply eyeliner and mascara due to the amount of residual numbness. Now 7 months out, I am slowly regaining more feeling, but still find it amazing how important feeling is in addition to vision when applying eye makeup. But I'd do it again in a heartbeat! My grandkids no longer can say I look "mean"!

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