Eyebrows, Eyeliners and Lipliner All Worth It!!!!!!

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I my eyebrows, eyeliner (over and under) with a...

I my eyebrows, eyeliner (over and under) with a line of beige over the top black liner and lip liner done over 4 years ago. The eyebrows and liner were perfect from day one, took a good year to settle down and today people compliment on how well I apply my makeup, when and if they find out it is permanent they are in shock.

The lipliner was good but the artist warned me that I might have to come back for a touch up within a month. I didn't go and sure enough with 2 years the lip liner faded. The total cost 4 years ago was $750.

Last summer I had the lips done by another clinician. She said the brows and eyeliner were done great but critized the lips said they were crooked, unever and sloppy. She said I needed to have them redone and do a correction. They are great and so natural looking. My lips are naturally very thing and this gave them such definition. The liner is a shade a bit darker than my own lips. I just use a gloss and they look great. Once again people have no idea it is tattooed on. The lips developed a crust that I keep on applying neosporin for lips but was warned many times not to pull the crust and to keep my lips very moist under the crust fell off naturally. This one cost me $400

I highly recommend all permanent makeup.

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