ILASIK Eye Surgery - New Zealand

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I'm 28 and have -2.75 in my left eye and -2.50 in...

I'm 28 and have -2.75 in my left eye and -2.50 in my right. I'm booked into the Eye Institute, Auckland, New Zealand to have iLASIK next Friday.

I'm pretty scared, I have a consultation/pre op on Thursday so at the moment they haven't checked my eyes and I haven't met them yet.

I'm worried about dry eyes, the star burst thing at night or worse. I hardly wear contact lenses as my eyes already suffer from getting very dry when I do wear them.

But at the same time I'm so excited that I hopefully will be a able to see properly!!! It means I can swim and snorkel on holidays without the hassle of contacts or glasses!!

I'll update after Thursdays appointment, fingers crossed!
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