Under Eye Hollows/Restylane in San Francisco, CA

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I had Restyland injected to make my hollow, dark...

I had Restyland injected to make my hollow, dark undereye circles less apparent. I went to a Dr. I'd heard good things about in SF. I have very pale skin and thought I would get enormous bruises, but I was suprised to only get a purple mark near the site of one of the injections that faded to a red mark in a few days and is now (3 weeks later) almost gone. The filler felt really weird under my skin for a few days and I felt I had less facial mobility. Luckily that went away and I felt normal after about 4-5 days. I really was happy with the result - very natural looking. I hope it doesn't re-absorb too quickly, as it was quite expensive.

It didn't hurt much, as each needleful of Restylane also had Lidocane in it. But anyone who is seriously afraid of needles should probably skip this procedure altogether because there are needles and they go into your face. And even though it didn't hurt much and I'm not afraid of needles, I broke out into a cold sweat and almost fainted later from sheer nervousness. The Dr. was very gentle, but he did tell me he'd show me how to massage the area and he forgot to do that. The receptionist gave me a $300-back offer from Restylane, but it was only when I got home and read it that I realised I needed the Restyline box ends to redeem it, which I didn't get.

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon

He uses painkiller in the Restylane, so it doesn't hurt very much, he is gentle and very experienced with injecting into the face. I didn't get big bruises and it looked natural afterwards.

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