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Extremely disappointing experience.

Eyelid Surgery

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25 Nov 2016

Updated, 4 months ago

Extremely disappointing experience.

Mr Holten performed an eyelift (Blepharoplasty) on me 14 months ago as well as fat grafting to my face. Since that time I have had watery eyes - one a lot worse than the other as well as puffiness underneath the eyes which was never there before. Prior to the surgery I asked if the fat grafting would help with the lines around my mouth. I was simply told "yes". As it turns out the only fat grafting that lasted is in my cheeks. I don't know if that has anything to do with the puffiness. When I expressed my concerns - particularly with my watery eyes and the fact that one eye in particular is so much different to the other, I was told that my expectations were too high. I find it so disappointing that the lovely nurse told me that "Ian wants you to be happy" and in reality I felt that Ian Holten found my concerns irrelevant. As far as he was concerned he had done his job.