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Exceptional care with amazing results....

Facial Reconstructive Surgery

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7 Oct 2016

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Exceptional care with amazing results....

5 years ago, Dr. Bhrany performed a forehead flap graft and nasal reconstruction following a MOHs procedure on the end of my nose. The procedure included a graft taken from my forehead, reconstruction of cartilage and grafting to my nose. Of course, I was terrified at the thought of having facial disfigurement as a result of surgery. Dr. Bhrany provided exceptional care with amazing results. His bedside manner, competence and follow up were outstanding. I've been a nurse for several years and I am very particular about the quality of my care. Dr. Bhrany excelled in every way. I have since seen many providers, including aestheticians and dermatologists as I continue with healthy skin regimens. Every provider, without exception, has remarked on the incredible results of Dr. Bhrany's work. I could not be happier! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Bhrany. You cannot go wrong here.