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I can agree totally with Stephanie’s opinion...

I can agree totally with Stephanie’s opinion on this wonderful laser treatment. My name is Ashley and I live in Huntington Beach, California it was no brainer what office I was going to go to. I chose my doctor based on his CV on his website and his reputation. I researched this office after seeing him in a magazine interview. I called and set up my consult and the office sent me a bunch of helpful literature to read before my appointment. The office is located in Scripps campus in La Jolla. The office is very nice and has a real comfortable, home-like feel. The nurse took me to the exam room and was very helpful and put me at ease. The doc came in the room and we talked and he was a great listener and I felt that he really cared about me and my concerns. He answered all my questions and showed me before and after photos of patients that the had personally treated. I had been on 2 other consults and this one far exceeded the others. In my prior consults, one place had the nurse doing the treatment (no way was I going for that) and on both of these previous consults, they only showed me before and after photos from the laser company. They had none of their own!

On the day of the treatment, I got to the office about 1 hour before my treatment time and the staff took photos and applied a strong numbing cream. While the numbing cream was kicking in, I watched TV in a private suite. The doctor came in a said hi and answered a few last minute questions. After that, the nurses gave me a valium and some demerol to help relax and relieve pain. Once in the laser room, the doctor did some nerve blocks to further numb my face. I couldn't even feel them because of the numbing cream. Honestly I did not feel or remember the treatment at all! I was so comfy during the treatment that the nurse and doctor joked with me afterwards that I was snoring.

I had zero pain. I literally slept during the procedure they really kept me super comfortable. His nursing staff is top notch. They hold hands and just are so caring. I obviously was unable to drive home under medications so I brought one of my girlfriends with me.

I looked pretty beat up that day. The doctor called my the night of my treatment to see how I was doing. I was very impressed with this level of care. I did everything the doctor and his staff told me to do. I did vinegar soaks and applied an ointment they gave me. I slept with an extra pillow for a few nights…all and all I felt pretty good. By day three in the pm I felt like I turned the corner of being swollen. I did go back the day after the nurses helped me do a few soaks and the doc looked at me and said I looked great. I thought really????Then he showed me several pictures of his wife as she was healing and that really helped to reassure me.

I do have to say my face looks amazing! My skin is perfect. My eyes are open wider and the wrinkles and brown spots are gone. I feel terrific. I am 36 years old and look like I am in my twenties now. I had the best experience and I would not go anywhere else for this. Be sure to do your research and don't let anyone but a dermatologist touch your skin with this laser. I honestly am so happy with my result and am looking forward to he holidays to make my friends jealous!!!!!

San Diego Dermatologist

Board certified dermatologist that specializes in laser surgery. great care and results. Expert in field and worth it!

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