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Excellent doctor who is Kind, Sincere, Skilled and Knowledgable, Arizona, AZ


peasfulmama, Arizona, AZ

Doctor Review

21 Nov 2016

1 day ago

Excellent doctor who is Kind, Sincere, Skilled and Knowledgable - Arizona, AZ

From the moment you meet Dr. Ong, she will make you feel completely at ease and given the nature of some of the treatments, this is SO important! I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone! I have two more treatments to go and I was so nervous for the first, but after having it with Dr. Ong, I realized she was the perfect doctor to administer it...kind, sincere, understanding, took more than enough time before, during, and after the treatment to help me feel at ease through the whole process...and the treatment WORKS!!! If you want some of your youth restored in the most intimate of places GO SEE DR ONG!!! I am actually looking forward to the other treatments to see my final results! :)