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Consultation Review: Excellent consultation with Mr Farhan Qureshi, UK.

Eyelid Surgery

Londinium, UK.

Doctor Review

26 Sep 2016

1 day ago

Consultation Review: Excellent consultation with Mr Farhan Qureshi - UK.

Three ladies I know had blepharoplasties done by Mr Qureshi. Their operations went very well and free of complications with no visible scars after only a few weeks. Their operated eyelids looked natural and youthful; I was very happy for them. I shall need blepharoplasties myself in the near future so I had to check out Mr Qureshi for myself. I booked a consultation with Him and it went like this: Mr Qureshi was very pleasant and down to earth. He came across as an unassuming polite gentleman; very jovial with a smile on his face which I found reassuring. Mr Qureshi listened very attentively to all my concerns and was not patronising at all. In fact I took a long list of questions to Mr Qureshi and he answered them all to the point. I shall definitely go back to Mr Qureshi when I'm ready for my eyelid operations. I would recommend a consultation with this oculoplastic surgeon based on both other people's experiences and my own.