Evolance Side Effects!!

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Has evolance on philtrim area (area under nose...

Has evolance on philtrim area (area under nose )for more definition. Had other products successfully administerd before.Doctor recommended evolance.
So I trusted his judgement.

Its an absolute nightmare!! Have white showing through the skin and two hard very visible lumps/lines.

The saddest part of this is that unlike other fillers this apperently lasts for up to 18 months!!

Do not get it!!

Have to now see a plastic surgeon to get it sorted,but its well known that there is little if anything that can be done now.so Im left like this for the foreseeable future.

I wasnt told there would be any chance of any lumps bumps or whiteness showing under the skin.Has I known there would have been no way I would have taken the chance esp on my face.

I have heard a lot of negitive feedback,of course when it works or is administered correctly im sure its good but when it goes wrong ,its there for a long time.

Definitly not worth it!

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when a product is not administered correctly and your not told of the side effects,i dont think one should recommend that psychian

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