Face & Neck Firming Procedure - Everett, WA

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On my 46th birthday as a present to myself, I...

On my 46th birthday as a present to myself, I decided it was time to start thinking more about myself. I have put my needs at the bottom of all my families needs for long enough. I inherited my families trait for a short, turkey neck and wanted to correct this problem before it got worse with age. As a salesperson I deal with people and need to look my best.

The Pros: I originaly went to an appointment to hear about this procedure. I left the appointment with an appointment for the next day to have the procedure done. Everything was so easy. I spoke to the doctor doing the surgery and he explained everything to me and he showed me what he was going to be able to do for me. After surgery, The swelling only lasted for 3 days. I felt great within a week. People do not really notice. They say things like "I can tell that you are losing weight". I now can wear turtle necks and wear v neck tops with necklaces and don't have to worry about how my neck looks. My neck looks much longer.

The only con for me was being awake through the entire process and being able to occassional feel cutting, burning, the smell of burning and it felt like it took forever. Then after there was the swelling & numbness of the face. When it was time to remove the stitches the nurse did not remove them all. I had to remove some that were missed behind my ear myself.

I am still under the doctors treatment and have not quite completed the process. I do not have the before and after photos. My 3 month period after surgery will be on Jan 4 2012. I still have another appointment. I'm sure they will be taking more photos at that time. The time from consultation to surgery was short. I only saw the doctor before and during the surgery, I was pretty nervous and under alot of stress while under the knife and not feeing chatty.

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