33 Years Old, Single, 4' 11.75", HW 363lbs - Everett, WA

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So this is my first post on here. I have been...

So this is my first post on here. I have been reading a lot of other peoples reviews about different weight loss surgery procedures. I have decided to do Gastric Bypass as I feel this will be the most successful surgery for me. I have tried many different "diets" and although I would lose weight on them I would always end up gaining it all back plus more and I just kept getting bigger. I started gaining weight when I was 9 years old and really have no idea why. I ate the same and was just as active as my older sister and while she stayed super thin I just kept gaining. By the time I was I was 12 I wore a size 12 in women's clothes and by the time I hit 15 I was wearing a size 28/30. As an adult the smallest I have ever been is a 22 and the biggest a 30. Currently a size 26/28 is a bit big but a size 22/24 is too small. My first month after meeting my surgeon and getting all the information I needed as far as diet and exercise advice I lost 20lbs in the first month, that was January 2016. Since then I have only lost a total of 50lbs. My insurance only required I lose 18lbs to get approved so I have been approved as far my insurance is concerned which is good. My surgeon on the other hand would like me under 300lbs, which means another 20lbs. This passed month didn't go well and I gained back about 5lbs. With all the stress I have been under from family issues, financial strain, work, and the stress of trying to lose the weight my surgeon wants I have ended up with shingles at the age of 33!! Shingles is super painful so for the passed couple weeks I have been unable to workout. I have only been moving when absolutely necessary hence the weight gain this passed month. Because I have shingles my endoscopy that was schedule for next Friday is postponed and if the shingles doesn't heal in time my surgery will be postponed. :( I started this journey in January and this is the 2nd time I have had to reschedule the endoscopy and push out surgery. It seems like every time I get close something happens to push it out. I just hope I can get this done before the end of the year or all the money and time I have spent on this will be for nothing. If I can get it done before the end of the year my insurance should pay for pretty much the entire surgery. I am on medication to help heal the shingles faster so hopefully in about a week I should be able to get the endoscopy rescheduled and get surgery under way. I am going to start the pre-surgery diet 8/20/16 so I can be on it the required 30 days prior to surgery so that if all goes well I won't have to postpone surgery. HW 363lbs; CW 320lbs.

Less than 2 days to go!

So my surgery is scheduled for Tuesday morning 9/20/16. I haven't done well with the Pre-surgery diet so I am a little worried the surgery won't go well. I check in at 745am Tuesday morning surgery is at 945am. I have to start a bowel prep tomorrow morning that I am not looking forward to. A co-worker who has ulcerative colitis has had to do the bowel prep I am going to have to do and she told me it's really fast and hurts a lot so I'm a bit scared. She said she had it coming out both ends ugh. I'm hoping it isn't that bad for me. I can't have anything but clear liquids starting tomorrow morning til midnight then nothing til after surgery. Then it's clear liquids for three days and full liquids for two weeks and so on until I can have regular food. I picked up my scripts for pain meds and such and I'm all packed and ready to go. Since I live in Portland Oregon and have to go to Everett Washington for surgery due to insurance requirements I have to stay in a hotel tomorrow night. Then I spend one night in the hospital after surgery and then 2 nights in a hotel again til my post-op appointment Friday afternoon then I get to head home. It is going to be a long week. I just keep praying that everything will go smoothly. I will update after surgery. Wish me luck!

Surgery success!

So my procedure went well. It got started a little late due to a surgery scheduled ahead of mine that ran longer. I guess i was very "whiny" and asking for my mom lol! Thry kept me pretty well drugged up while i was in the hospital so i didnt have a whole lot if pain. I satyed just one night and they did an imaging study where i had to drink this nasty stuff that glows to make sure all the staples were holding and not leaking. I got discharged at about 130pm Wednesday afternoo and was back in the er that evening around 8pm.

A little back story on that is this. While my mom was driving me back to our hotel traffic stopped suddenly in front of us and my mom had to hit the brakes pretty hard. This joslted me pretty good and my seat belt tightened around my abdomen. From that point on I was in a lot of pain and very nauseated to the point i was dry heaving. So mom called 911 and they took me to the er. I received a shot of dilauted (pain med) and a dose of zofran (nausea med) and within about a half hour I was feeling much better.

Since then i have made sure to take my pain meds every four hours to ensure i don't scare my mom again being in that much pain. An ambulance went by earlier today and my mom said she doesn't want to hear that sound ever again. My ordeal has given here ptsd apparently lol!

I have my follow up appointment with my surgeon tomorrow afternoon and then we should be heading home woohoo!!

So weight in check in for surgerywas 323; weight next day after surgery 326.6; they said the weight gain was most likely due to all the fluids they were pumping in to me. I'll update tomorrow with my current weight after my follow up appointment. I haven't had anything but water, crytal light, and chicken bouillon for nutrients since Sunday night!!! So i better have lost something lol!! Also I haven't been hungry AT ALL since surgery!!

Post-op appointment

So my post-op appointment went well. Incisions look great and my pain is getting much better. I was very disappointed in my weight at my appointment though. I was 326.6 when. I discharged from the hospital and at my appointment I was only 323. I feel really frustrated by this because I haven't eaten anything of substance since Sunday night and have only had water, chicken bouillon, and crystal light. I feel like I should have lost more than that. This morning on my own scale I was 319.8 but my scale always says at least 3lbs less than my surgeons scale so I guess I'm still at the same weight.

HW: 363
SW: 323
CW: 319.8
GW: 120
Lbs lost: 43.2lbs
Lbs to goal: 199.8

3 months post op

So things are going well. I'm 3 months post op as of Tuesday. Still struggle with getting all my protein and water in but getting better. I'm down to 273lbs so 90lbs since I began and about 50 something since surgery.
Dr. Devorah Chock

I have only met with my surgeon once. She explained the gastric bypass and gastric sleeve procedures as these are the only 2 surgeries my insurance will pay for. She seemed pretty nice and gave me her guidelines for surgery. Since then I have only worked with the office staff and they have all been wonderful.

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