39 Years Old, Mother of 3 Beautiful Children: 16, 11, and 7.

I'm a year out from a massive weight loss and I'm...

I'm a year out from a massive weight loss and I'm ready to take the next step and get rid of this excess skin! My poor boobies have taken they're beating since I've breast fed all my babies they are deflated. Not saggy just deflated so I'm going to perk them back up! Super excited about this and I'm so ready for the next chapter in my life!

Getting closer!! Wish my surgery date would just hurry up and get here!!!!!!!!

My belly doesn't look too bad laying down but oh so bad when I stand up! Ugh! I'm hoping Dr. Gutter can do something about my roll under my breasts. I've always had it and I'm ready to not have it anymore lol

Can't wait for this to be gone!

More dreaded pics of the yucky stomach

More yuk

This time bending over

Getting closer!!! 13 more day!!!!

Went in for my two week pre op appointment today. Everything is lined out, bill is paid, and pre op pictures taken! I'll do my blood work and hopefully I'll be flap free and saggy boobies will be gone in 13 days.
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