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First of all, I am 29, no kids. For over 10 years...

First of all, I am 29, no kids. For over 10 years I have gone back and forth with working out and then being lazy, I have always struggled with disliking my shape. No matter my size I always have had the same shape. I finally at the point where I am tired of it and I'm ready for it to change. Yesterday I had my preop and my surgery is next week, I am really stressed out with other things in my life but I am so excited about this. Even if it does not solve my problem, there is no Price I would not pay to try and love myself a little more. I am having the smart Lightbow done on my upper and lower abdomen, and flanks.

Surgery on March 17

I arrived early for my appt, I was taken back to my Valium started and cleaned up. I have to admit the surgery was very pretty painful for me, I was given an additional Valium so that made me nauseous the rest of the day. I probably could have curbed that with the anti-nausea medicine I was given, however I am stubborn and tend to not take pills if I don't have to. Immediately following surgery and leaving the office I did not notice any difference or change in my shape since all of the drainage pads replaced along my midsection that they were mostly taking the fat from those areas. On Saturday I removed everything to take my first shower (two days after surgery). I posted those pictures without and with the garment. It does feel like a really hard workout with the soreness. I have been able to go back to work, but I walk a lot slower since when I jiggle it tends to hurt more. I had a very busy and stressful week after surgery because I close on a house and had to immediately start working on it to get it ready for people to move in, so that weekend with all the painting and being more active than I should have been, I was very sore and swollen.
Augusta Plastic Surgeon

He is very kind and takes the edge of stress off. He does not look at me like I'm crazy and he took the time to listen. I can tell he has spent time affecting his communication and perception skills because he does very well. He never discredited any of my concerns and I am excited for the procedure.

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