32 Years Old, VASER LIPO STOMACH, HIPS and THIGHS. Surgery Leap After 10 Years of Consideration!

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I've always had the problem tummy and thighs and...

I've always had the problem tummy and thighs and battled with weight. I've been everywhere from 16 stone to 10.5 stone and now hover around 11.5 stone. No matter how much weight I have on me, I always have the big bloated tummy and big inner thighs. I've made some enquires into surgeries and am looking to travel from the UK to Europe, shortlisted places are Prague & Istanbul.

1) Dr. Mehmet Köksal - Aesthetic Clinic Istanbul
2) Dr. Peter Mertan, Dr. Nikoleta Torišková or Dr Tomáš Beneš - Forme Clinic Prague
3) Dr. Ercan Demiray or Dr Sinan Ulusoy - Est-Ethica Istanbul
4) Dr. Bulent or Dr Yucel - Estetik International Istanbul
5) Dr. Metin Kerem - Istanbul Aesthetic Center

I'm still deciding who to go with so any information anyone has to help me make a decision will be great!

I'm hoping to go in March and will document my whole journey :)

Made a decision on my doctor!

I've got the 15th March pencilled in for surgery with Metin Kerem in Istanbul. I have a lovely hotel booked and just waiting for my partner to confirm his holiday. I read lots of reviews about him on WhatClinic and I was also encouraged by the fact he has appeared on Medical TV.


On my way to Istanbul for lipo!

Flights to Istanbul are all booked! I'll be meeting with Dr Kerem on March 14th for the consultation and then if im happy with everything, my op will be 15th March! I'm feel excited, not at all apprehensive yet. I'm booked for lip on my stomach, waist and thighs.

I've been back to the gym and working hard again, losing 10lb (the weight I put on over Xmas) and feeling good again! I'm glad I have my fitness and nutrition head on now and have done for the past few years. I know what I can do to lose weight, and I know what I can do to gain weight (which I try to avoid!) I hope this will give Me the good basis of what I need to ensure my surgery is a success

I DID IT! Feeling good but it was not easy

I had my consultantation with Dr Kerem on 14th March and the next day I had my op. Happy so far! I'm back in England and recovering well :) I ended up getting knees, Upper thighs, back, waist and tummy.

Thought I would share some tips to anyone following this thread.

1) You MUST bring a strong and supportive partner/friend/family member with you
I was in a LOT of pain and discomfort for the first 5-6 days. I spent 2 nights in hospital and needed constant help with walking and going to the bathroom. I couldn't sleep well so spent a lot of time trying to move to get comfortable and had to be helped to turn over. Your chosen person will have to deal with your emotions and seeing you in a way they may not expect. I definitely would not have been able to do this without my boyfriend and I was thankful he could stay with me at the hospital.

2) You will experience some kind of pain
The pain I experienced was excruciating to start with. I had to have extra pain killers and narcotics on a drip to be able to cope. The support of my partner really helped with the pain I experienced. Don't under estimate the pain you may feel. I was surely tested.

3) Your genitalia may swell
Mine swelled to about 10 times the size, I couldn't close my legs, sit or walk normally. I literally had my lips and clitoris swell to golf ball size. I spent the next 18 hours icing it and on the flight home, wore ice in a paper towel inside my knickers and then I was back to normal. This is because gravity pushes all lymphatic fluid down the body.

4) You may lose your appetite
I couldn't eat the day of surgery and I resumed eating a little the next day and full diet returned by the 3rd day. Eat slowly as you might still be nauseous from the anesthetic. A low salt, low carbon diet is recommended.

5) Don't be afraid to contact your doctor
I was so happy to have Dr Metin Kerem as my surgeon. I text him, called him at 12:30am and he answered my questions constantly to ease my mind, ensuring all my experiences were normal. His team were constantly checking on me and I didn't feel alone at any point of my trip.

6) Stay hydrated
It helps decrease edema (water fluid collection) and pushes the salt out of your body which keeps the excess water. It can also help reduce bruising and shrinks your loose skin. Luckily enough I had zero bruising!

7) Stay mobile
Aim to walk 30 mins max a day but no more than this. The first few days will be hard to do this but do the best you can and don't injure yourself. I couldnt walk at all the first day and nearly fainted. The swelling may go up and down as you move about but this is normal. You can start gentle exercising after 3-4 weeks or when your doctor recommends you remove the compression garment.

8) Help your liposuction by getting lymphatic drainage massage
Find someone qualified to do this to help further swelling decrease and make sure you pick a good masseuse, not a massage machine as they don't work as well.

8) You may have trouble breathing
This is normal. I started to cough quite a lot and so kept water by my bed and a sweet to suck to keep my throat lubricated. It may hurt the first few days but it will feel better

9) Keep an eye on your skin folds/creases
You do not want any of these. My doctor gave me a pack of gauze dressings to put inside my garment to pad out areas which were susceptible to skin folding. Your garment may be too tight if folding appearers. As my edema and swelling reduces, my garment will allow me to reduce it by two clasp sizes and it is comfortable for me to wear on the biggest setting.

Overall I've had my mental strength tested and have cried a lot with the pain, swelling, etc but I will be back in 2-3 weeks time to post another update.

Feeling positive thanks to my doctor :)

Two months later

Sorry for the delay in update, I got super busy! Plus these pictures I think are much better to show than straight after surgery. I'm really pleased with the results!

Side by side pics so you can really see the difference

I will post another update once I've had lymphatic draining and I start to see better results at the gym

Even when I have a bit of bloating like I used to have, it's never as bad now with all the fat from my lower stomach gone

Happy days!

Exciting times!

Nearly a year on....

I'm still super happy with the results! At the moment I am eating clean and training hard as I want to get more muscle definition. The pictures are showing what I can now do with less fat on my stomach!
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

Dr Kerem and his team have been excellent. They have dealt with all my worries and questions and my results are looking amazing! I'm more than happy to recommend him to others for vaser lipo

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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