Feels Like Insect Bite Inside Nostril After Rhinoplasty - is This a Known Complication?

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Hello, first thank you for answering a question I...

Hello, first thank you for answering a question I had asked previously it is really kind. So you can more or less see it on the picture i added (bad quality), it's the pink part inside the down nostril (my right nostril) and it feels huge. Both nostrils used to be about the same size but since this spot began to grow the whole nostril's getting wider. I am 6 days post op and I had a scab which was tickling me hanging down my nostril so i removed it (i didnt touch inside). A few minutes about this i felt it swelling inside.

I am seeing my surgeon in two or three days but should I worry meanwhile, like is it a known complication after rhinoplasty? I mean can I wait a few days without having to regret neglecting it later?
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too soon to tell

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