34 Years, 7 Years of Implants Under the Muscle

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Hello everybody! I am so glad this site exits... I...

Hello everybody!
I am so glad this site exits... I am 34 years old and have had my implants since 2009. I've always wanted bigger boobs and thought about having BA since I was 18. At the age of almost 28 I thought I'd be mature enough to have it done. Right after BA a bruise evolved in my left breast so the surgeon had to open this one again. I was in terrible pain. It took forever to feel kind of normal again after sugery.
In 2015 I talked to my husband about explantation for the first time. He is very understanding and accompanied me to my first appointment. With my sister getting married, my brother having his first child, me getting married and finally my best friend getting married, time flew by quickly.
After everything had settled I decided to talk to my PS again. So we went to see him again in September 2016. The PS is the same who did the BA in 2009. He was very understanding and never tried to talk me out of my decision.
I've always enjoyed buying new bras and bikinis, since before my BA I was maybe an AA and nothing really fitted me. Nevertheless I've always thought my new ones were too big for me. Sleeping on my belly always feels strange and hugging people also feels awkward. My big boobs look nice but to me they just don't feel right. Besides right after BA I've never had any kind of trouble with them. No capsular contraction or rupture, no rippling.
However, in view of our future and wanting children, I think it's time to get rid of them. No more silicone in my body.
So the date for my explantation is set for October 25 and I am very excited and nervous about it.
I keep thinking about how they will look after explantation and if the pain will be as horrible as after BA. How long will I not be able to drive or shower or do any kind of things that are just usual?
I will upload some current photos and one which shows be before BA.

some pics

Two days to go...

Thank you so much for all the support and encouraging comments. My explantation will be in two days and I'm getting really nervous about it. I will post news soon.

Only a couple more hours...

Only a couple more hours until explant. I'm really nervous. I'm first tomorrow mornimg. My husband takes care of me. Thanks again for all the lovely comments. I will keep you updated.

Done :)

Hello everybody!
It's done. Actually I'm not in pain. Only the drains and the circulatory bother me. I hope the drains will be removed tomorrow already.
Thanks again for all the encouraging and lovely words.
I will post some after pictures soon.

Day one post

Good morning everyone
The first night is over and as I expected it wasn't that good. I was awake quite often and needed to walk around. I have much pressure on my chest which hopefully goes away once the compression thing is removed.
My first post appt is today at noon. I am excited and cannot wait to have the drains removed which, when I look at them, were necessary.
My mom and sister visited yesterday and were surprised how well I was doing.
I will keep you updated and post some pictures soon.

First scary post op pic

Here is my first post op picture. Looks pretty scary. Drains are still in and upper body is still orange. But I'm feeling good. :)
Hopefully drains will be removed tomorrow.

Drains are out! Yeah!

I had a very good second night and slept well. No pain. Called my ps office again and was told that drains could be removed. My cousin picked me up right away and gave me a ride. Having drains taken out wasn't too bad. Just a weird feeling. I'm much more comfortable now. I will post more pics once I took a shower and washed off all the orange stuff from my chest. :)
By the way, I love that new old looking down at me. No regrets. I don't miss my big fake boobs at all.

Day three post

Good morning everybody
Last night was not as good as the night before. My back was killing me so I didn't sleep well.
This morning I finally tried to rub off the iodime from my chest but it turns out to be quite persistent. I will take my first shower later today.
I still don't have any pain in my boobs. Yesterday I felt kind of sore which I think came from pulling out the drains. As you can see on the pictures I'm all flat again. I think what you can see is some swelling. Nevertheless I fell awesome. No more poison in my body and I actually like being flat. ;)

Feeling good...

I'm feeling great today. No pain (except for my back) and I am able to move around quite normal. Of course I'm slower than usual but that's ok.
I love that when I look down on me I can see my heartbeat... I cannot put into words what that means to me...
Thanks again for all your messages. At first I was scared of sharing my story but I don't regret one word I wrote. You are amazing!!!

more pics

Here are some more pictures. Pictures encouraged me to have it done because sometimes they say more than words. My left breast is still quite swollen. It doesn't hurt though. :)

Almost a week since explant

Hello everybody
It's been almost a week since I had my implants removed. I'm still thrilled about the look of my natural boobs. Nevertheless, I overdid it yesterday. In the morning I went to the gym to watch my girls practice and kind of told them what to do since our coach was not there. Later that day we went to hospital to welcome our beautiful niece who entered this world on Saturday, October 29. (By the way, my sister who delivered is my coach so there was absolutely no chance she could come to practice. *lol*). My night was also quite bad again so I didn't give my body much time to rest and to continue healing. Today, after having taken a nap a shower afterward I feel much better though. I will post another pic from today. You can see that the swelling is still obsious on my left breast. I know I need to be more patient but resting all day is just not me...

Latest pic

short update

Hello everyone
I am 10 days post explant today and I am feeling really good. I cannot sleep well at night but I catch up on sleep during the day. ;) I am more than happy about my results. I think my little boobs look great. They still feel kind of loose and the left one is still a bit swollen but other than that I am completely happy. :)

2 weeks post

Helly everyone,
today I am 2 weeks post op and thought I might write a quick update.
Yesterday was the first day I went to work after surgery. I am a teacher so I have to be there 100%. No time to rest. Well, I was exhausted when I got home and had a pain in my chest. Today was better though. I feel better every day.
Some of you were wondering if I had the capsules removed as well. My surgeon told me that he only removed the front part of them. The rear part has grown together with my chest so he left this one inside.
As you can see in the pictures my right breast looks good while my left one is still swollen and much bigger.
Stitches won't be pulled out but will dissolve on their own. Doc told me to leave the tape on till my next appt which is on Nov 21st (I am on a class trip next week). He just told me to change it.
Although I am still not healed completely, I am so happy to have explanted. I'm me again which I really enjoy. <3

I am not able to upload pictures right now. I will do that later, promise!

2 weeks post explant pics

4 weeks update

My explant was 4 weeks ago and I am still very happy with my results and do not regret my decision.
I had another appt yesterday and the doctor was very pleased too. He took off the steri strips. Incisions heal nicely. I am also finally able to sleep on my side without feeling uncomfortable. I still don't feel like working out yet. I'll gove my body some more time to heal before I start again. :)

more pics

more pics

Accidentally hit the post comment button...

Time for an update

Today is my 8 weeks anniversary. :)
I am feeling great. Of course there are moments when I still feel uncomfortable but they get less. I am still putting on micropore on some spots around my nipples because it makes me feel more comfortable. I am finally able to stretch high and get things out of the cupboard without feeling any pain.
Every morning when I undress to take a shower a smile rushes through my face when I see my little boobs. For me it was the best decision to have the explant done. I love my little ones. :)
Wishing you all happy holidays and all the best for 2017!

8 weeks pics

10 weeks post

Hello everyone
Today I am ten weeks post explant. I am doing very well and am finally getting back to normal, not thinking about the op all the time. I can do sports and even do the bouncing without any weird feeling or pain.
I am able to sleep on my stomach again and when I get up in the morning I do not have any weird or uncomfortable feeling.
I still do not regret the explant. I love my body the way it is and so does my husband. He is really into my tiny boobs. :)

Almost four months post

I am almost four months post explant and feeling great. I am back to normal, no pain or discomfort. I do all kinds of sports again. I love my boobs so much that I am not even wearing padded bras any more. :) They feel so good, warm and soft and they bounce up and down - even though they are tiny.
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