34 Years, 7 Years of Implants Under the Muscle

Hello everybody! I am so glad this site exits... I...

Hello everybody!
I am so glad this site exits... I am 34 years old and have had my implants since 2009. I've always wanted bigger boobs and thought about having BA since I was 18. At the age of almost 28 I thought I'd be mature enough to have it done. Right after BA a bruise evolved in my left breast so the surgeon had to open this one again. I was in terrible pain. It took forever to feel kind of normal again after sugery.
In 2015 I talked to my husband about explantation for the first time. He is very understanding and accompanied me to my first appointment. With my sister getting married, my brother having his first child, me getting married and finally my best friend getting married, time flew by quickly.
After everything had settled I decided to talk to my PS again. So we went to see him again in September 2016. The PS is the same who did the BA in 2009. He was very understanding and never tried to talk me out of my decision.
I've always enjoyed buying new bras and bikinis, since before my BA I was maybe an AA and nothing really fitted me. Nevertheless I've always thought my new ones were too big for me. Sleeping on my belly always feels strange and hugging people also feels awkward. My big boobs look nice but to me they just don't feel right. Besides right after BA I've never had any kind of trouble with them. No capsular contraction or rupture, no rippling.
However, in view of our future and wanting children, I think it's time to get rid of them. No more silicone in my body.
So the date for my explantation is set for October 25 and I am very excited and nervous about it.
I keep thinking about how they will look after explantation and if the pain will be as horrible as after BA. How long will I not be able to drive or shower or do any kind of things that are just usual?
I will upload some current photos and one which shows be before BA.

some pics

Two days to go...

Thank you so much for all the support and encouraging comments. My explantation will be in two days and I'm getting really nervous about it. I will post news soon.

Only a couple more hours...

Only a couple more hours until explant. I'm really nervous. I'm first tomorrow mornimg. My husband takes care of me. Thanks again for all the lovely comments. I will keep you updated.
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