21 and Struggling with the Boobs and Doctors. Eureka, CA

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So my end goal is obviously to get a breast...

So my end goal is obviously to get a breast reduction. I'm 5'5", 21, and my boobs are out of control. My band size is 32-34 and my bust size is 62. There isn't really a bra size for me.

But anyways, I just got my insurance and after a conversation with my significant other, we decided this would be the best for me. I had my first visit with a doctor about it today. I had a list ready about what I have issues with. We went over it and now I have xrays to do next week and standard lab work to establish that it's nothing inside my body causing the headaches and back pain. I hope I don't get the same doctor next time though, she wasn't really excited about working with me. I hope they establish a primary care doctor for me the next time.

I'll post pictures in a follow up post but I want to keep track of every step and every word of this process.
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