280cc Petite Mother Twins - Essex

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Hi all I am new to this site not sure if I'm...

Hi all I am new to this site not sure if I'm writing in the right area to start a chat ... Progress .. I have uploaded some photos of me now taking them to see my before and after ... I went to see my surgeon who I researched so much and my heart was already tellIng me he was the guy for me by reviews etc .. My consultation felt like a blur and went so quick now I sit here and read hundreds of reviews / trying to find photos of similar sizes I literally can't sleep in scared the size my surgeon has stated is the biggest he will do on me is going to be to small I'm paying alot of money for this and just need some advice :( I don't no what size I am now as I don't wear a bra maybe a / b I said this to him he said well let's just say an "A" ... X


I was so excited up .. Until now wanted to speak to my dr regarding some reassurance the size was right .. Iv had to email a few times and stil he is to busy to talk to me I live really far from Them so wanted an email or a quick call to just have a quick chat but he demands to see me in person when he just saw me last week and had my photos I can't see why I need to drive so far for a quick chat feel really sad his secretary basically said he would Just refund me this isn't want I wanted I wanted a chat why is he to busy to email or ring me quick instead of a 4 hour round trip for me :( I researched him so much and this is why I went with him but my opinion is so different to all the possitive I read on him already! :(
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