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Ok, so like many of you ladies, I spent countless...

Ok, so like many of you ladies, I spent countless hours researching websites, before and after photos, you tube videos, reading reviews and taking as many notes as possible before deciding on my doctor. I knew I totally accepted my body for how it is but definitely could see some changes I wanted to make because I had the means to do so and because it was an actual possibility. I decided on Dr. Fisher because it was clear to me after all of that, that he has the most consistent results across the board and he was able to produce either a subtle change or a beautifully dramatic change to the figure. The cost was on point and his education and certification was relevant and stellar! I am including my testimony in this but I want to preface this with something that became very relevant to my situation specifically as well as others I could see during my process and I felt it was very important to address. So, before flying out to Miami, I had noticed a couple of reviews that were what I would definitely classify as terrible reviews. One was on the DEATHS at Vanity and the other was on Dr. Fisher himself that showed packing or something coming out of an entry point of the procedure that was not a favorable photo at all along with several other disturbing images. I had also read several bad reviews on Xanadu Recovery House which is affiliated with Vanity, now known as Eres. I think it's important to say at this point that I believe we, as patients, have to be mindful of the reviews that we write. Our reviews carry tremendous weight and really have an effect of the people who read them. We have to be mindful of our personal responsibility, as patients, writing reviews and be fully aware that we are giving an accurate representation of the facts. I believe our ignorance to certain case specific details that are not included in the media or are left out sometimes because of our own lack of personal disclosure of certain personal facts can totally mislead our readers and sway them in one direction based on a misrepresentation of those facts and in an unjust way.
I say that because this is a very mental and emotional process - not just physical - and if there is an imbalance in any one of those areas it can effect the others. I would never intend to discredit someone's personal situation because I do not have all the facts specific to their situation and I am not them; nor would I even remotely want to undermine the loss of someone's life or disrespect their family and loved ones... but I firmly believe we have to be extremely mindful to how we deliver. Our responsibility is just as important - if not more - up to a certain point prior and even after a procedure as the doctor and his staff. Those reviews terrified me but I tried to press on and continue with my process regardless while hanging onto the great reviews I had read and all of the good and inspiring ladies who took the time to share their experience, advice and try to help. In hindsight, I realize I allowed those last few reviews to mentally defeat me.
Here is what happened and what I witnessed in my situation:
As my surgery date drew very near, my nerves were on edge, we had invested about $10K total with flights, necessities and the cell saver to ensure the absolute best outcome and I had spent countless hours over a period of months researching this process. So, I went out and "partied" two weekends in a row the week prior to my surgery. I had not drank or used drugs in a very, very long time but those nights had drank and did two different kinds of street drugs. So stupid!! I had not ever read anything specific to not using drugs before a major surgery - which at this point is common damn sense - but I had not ever had any major surgeries and was not knowledgeable about the consequences prior. I had only read and understood that I couldn't smoke nicotine and how that would specifically affect my procedure and recovery and so I thought I would be fine. Especially since I said I had not done the other things in such a long time and one of them not at all or ever before, I really thought I would be ok and I had no intention of telling the staff or anyone at all. That could have been fatal!!! I did notify my assistant, Ana, of my drinking and taking vitamins because I also failed to read that you're not supposed to take your vitamins for up to a week prior! Anyhow, I flew out to Miami on 3 November 2016 and my mom and I were met by Rey at the airport who is with Vanity and Xanadu Recovery House. He is a good looking young man who was very welcoming and very informative and knowledgeable. I have to mention here that I brought my mom along who tends to make me more nervous and this was not something I had thought of prior. But anyway, he drove me to the office for my Pre Op Apt. The staff was gorgeous and friendly and helpful. They were very busy and on point with their delivery and I respected their business etiquette and I thought they did very well addressing my questions. The whole time I had this aching feeling I needed to ask about the drug thing and was trying to come up with indirect ways of asking but I didn't. I foolishly thought we had invested too much money and I was already there anyway and that since I'd not read anything or had not heard anything that I would be ok. After signing all of my paperwork and having lunch with my mom at the quaint little restaurant on the corner, Rey took my mother and I to the Recovery House. It was an adorable two bedroom house with very nice furniture and televisions and stocked with groceries that were good for me to have prior to and after surgery. There were horses in the back yard and the neighborhood was quiet and nice looking. I was very impressed! It was nothing like the reviews at all! I was insured that I would have a helper the two full nights after surgery and Rey went and got my Mom and I dinner at Red Lobster. He stayed in touch with me via txt and phone calls after he left and was very attentive to my concerns and reminded me through the evening of what to do and not to do prior to surgery. So, that night I was experiencing a lot of discomfort and pressure after about 8pm from being constipated and gasy, I thought, but could not relieve my self. I was finally able to fall asleep at 10pm but awoke at midnight for about an hour and a half in excruciating pain. Looking back, I realize my body was trying to tell me I wasn't ready and I wasn't listening at all. I laid there stubborn and hard headed only texting my boyfriend to tell him what was going on - we agreed it was just my nerves. I just was not ready. I wasn't ready because of my Ignorant decision to go party and trying to withhold the very crucial information that could have cost me my life and I wasn't ready mentally or emotionally because I allowed those last few reviews to mentally defeat me and my body knew and was trying to warn me too! I finally got to sleep. Rey picked us up at 8 am because my surgery was scheduled at 9. We were talking and I was telling him about my night and how I had never experienced any discomfort like that since I had my son 19 years ago when somebody called and he was speaking Spanish but I could here frustration in his voice. I asked if everything was ok and he said that another patient was demanding to have her surgery even though her blood work and CBC count came back and was not good. He never mentioned her name or anything but in that moment I realized how demanding we can be and what kind of unrealistic expectations we tend to build up. For me, personally, it was like I could see in a mirror the ignorance of my own situation. It was like the universe hand delivered that instance in that moment so I could see. Of course at the time I wanted to ignored that too. I got to the office and waited in the second waiting room for a time until I was called into the pre op room to change into my gown, hat, socks, booties and take my photos and my pregnancy test. Then the anesthesiologist came in and acknowledged my concerns about the vitamins and drinking several days prior and stated I should be fine to proceed. Then he asked very intently if there was anything else I did when I "partied" that he needed to be aware of... at that point I couldn't hold back any longer... I am generally very good at telling on myself and I am so glad that I am that way because when I finally told him the two street drugs I used he stood straight up... he looked at me... and said that he was very glad that I was honest and very very glad that I told him what I had done. He said he would have to go talk to Dr. Fisher and he would have him come talk to me too but there's was no way we could proceed. He stated that a few months ago there was a girl who didn't disclose her use of drugs and as a result of the interaction with the anesthesia she died. He said the autopsy had just come back very recently to indicate that she had cocaine in her system. He never mentioned names but I was so thankful he shared the details enough to paint me a verbal picture of the enormity of the situation. I was blown away! I couldn't believe I nearly went on that table withholding such delicate information. Or that I was so willing to proceed just because of the money we had invested and because I was already there! No amount of money or ignorant vanity is worth anyone's life. He and Dr. Fisher agreed that I needed to wait several months before having the surgery. I was thankful they did. I was so grateful all the way around. Very quickly I got a whole other perspective on this entire process and life specifically and in general! I immediately flew home and got to work on myself! I have decided to wait a year to get this surgery and have gotten a refund on the procedure so that I could invest it in what services I needed to help get me where I need to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually before I commit to have this procedure done. I am bringing my boyfriend next time because he is my rock and he calms me and I feel complete with him. There will be NO partying and I'll be reading my instructions very carefully prior!!!
Diana, the Manager at Eres, and Dr. Fisher and his Anesthesiologist and the rest of the the staff were very understanding, supportive and respectful! They didn't judge me at all! I had initially rescheduled my surgery but when I decided for the refund she was immediate and supported me saying, "I just want you to be OK and we are glad to help with that in any way we can!"
I hope that my story can help even one lady on her journey and I hope that my own ignorance doesn't cause you turn a deaf ear to it if it doesn't apply to you - you may know of someone else that it could help! I take full responsibility for how my situation turned out and I am ever so grateful it turned out the way it did. I do look forward to coming back to Eres and I would highly recommend them to anyone!
I do feel websites should include more information on this topic alone - and not in fine print either - and I feel that drug testing prior to surgery should be included among the pregnancy test.
It devastates me to no end that a highly qualified and professional man like Dr. Fisher, his team and his establishment could suffer defamation because of things like I've mentioned here. They are all more than deserving of their place in this industry and I hope this helps shed some light and truth to that fact! It is also devastating to me that for fear of judgment because of the social stigma attached to using drugs either socially and recreationally or as a lifestyle could keep someone from being honest and forthright prior to a procedure of this magnitude! It is up to us to make that change - here is my part in doing so!
Be Blessed Sisters *HUGS*
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He was very well spoken and intelligent and informative to my specific situation. I couldn't have asked for better! He was very nice, good looking and friendly!

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