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Ive been realself stalking for years now. I...

Ive been realself stalking for years now. I finally got the nerves (and money) to meet with a dr. About getting my body back and then some. Ive decided to go with the Brazilian butt lift. Take the fat from my unwanted places and put it where I need it most. My butt lol. My surgery is in about a month and I cant wait. For any experts on bbl, can you tell me what are things that you need?

Finally getting a bbl

Dolls of all kinds.... ive been getting anxious very easy lately. My pre op appointment is in about 2-1/2 weeks and im going crazy. There they will discuss after care and things I will need butt I really wish I had a list or something to go by. I know a boppy pillow.... but and tips or tricks??

Second thoughts...

I've always wanted a big butt since as long as I can remember. The dr im going to isnt really big on giving big butts. Im just wondering if all this is going to be worth it. Ive seen one girl on rs go to him but she didnt have before pics. Her after was good. She even said she wanted bigger butt. I hope he can sculpt me a great figure. Im not sure if I should head to booty city Miami. Vanity has major issues, dr miami booked up, jimerson is too far. Ughhhh I have no idea.
Dr. Miles

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