Can't See the Results - Englewood, CO

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I had the "painting" (less invasive/less painful)...

I had the "painting" (less invasive/less painful) method of the Yag Gentle Laser done on my face and neck in June and August of 2012. I can honestly say at this point, (November 2012), that I have not noticed any changes. I don't even know what I'm supposed to be looking for. I was hoping for some skin tightening, but I haven't noticed any. I have not noticed any changes at all, which includes texture, pore size, etc. I'm assuming that the best results are produced when using the "contact" method, which is much more aggressive, but I don't want to waste any more money to find out.

The "painting" method is for younger patients with less wrinkling and sagging skin. A topical anesthetic is not required for this procedure.

The "contact" method is for patients with more mature skin, is more painful, and requires a topical anesthetic.

Overall, the procedure was a bit uncomfortable, but bearable. My skin was pink for only a few hours afterward, and I used sunblock regularly, (as advised).

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