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I have had acne since I was in 5th grade. Now in...

I have had acne since I was in 5th grade. Now in college, the scarring it has left throughout the years is moderate (I believe and as advised by my doctor). I am currently on a journey to "fix" my skin or reach that point where I am comfortable with my skin. On the 9th I had 2 TCA peels, subcision, tca cross, and acne extract. I have a mixture of boxscar, rolling, and icepick scars. A lot of it is texture based. I had subcision done a year ago followed by a chemical peel. This improved my overall texture and the appearance of my pores, but I still had a lot more scars. Overall this is a journey and I trust in God that my skin will get better. I hope this helps anyone who is crossing a similar path!

3 weeks after subcision, tca cross, tca peel!

Now, the doctor did advise me that I would not see much improvement after the 1st treatment but, I have to say that i am pleased so far. My right side has the deepest scarring which are a bundled set of boxscars. Well, they are less profound and the edges are softer. Before, there was no denying that they were deep scars as shown in my before pictures. But, now they camouflage a bit better. (Always depends on the type of lighting.) My left side had the most noticeable scarring right in the front of my face. They were icepick scars which were treated with tca cross. Mind the redness which is due to the lack of makeup I currently wear. I want to allow my pores to breath since they are very open after any treatment. If you can tell, the icepick scars look gone. Both of the top of my cheeks have a more even tone. Its difficult to tell through pictures than in person. But so far, I see God's hand in control. I am currently breaking out for which my dermatologist prescribed Spironolactone. Any type of improvement is very welcome when it comes to the skin on our face (I believe)!

Will be getting 2nd procedure next week!

Depending on what God and my doctor says, I am scheduled to have a laser resurfacing all over my skin on the 5th of July. I have a whole week off of work and so, time to heal. I will be posting pictures!

After Erbium Laser!

As I had previously mentioned, I received an erbium laser resurfacing on the 5th of July. I was applied numbing cream all over my face and the doctor did one pass all over my face and she did two more on the areas where I have the most scars. The pictures were taken today showing my progress. The doctor also changed me to Epiduo cream which replaced the Tazorac cream. I was fully healed and able to wear makeup by Saturday (Day 4). Our journey continues and always trusting in God! Any questions please feel free to ask!

That terrible lighting. >

So, acne scar sufferers (especially indented scars) know that terrible lighting that shows all your scars. Its this bright and vivid light that brings everything out and shows your scars 100x worse. My indentations were very visible from my front view under this light. It made my side appear damaged. So. This is the lighting at my job where I am almost every day. I always had a fear to stand under that light and so, always tried to avoid it. But, it seems that God is helping me overcome it. This is a picture of my skin 2 days ago RIGHT UNDER that light. :)

Next Procedure

I am scheduled to see my doctor in 6 weeks from my laser procedure. In mid August, she will see how my progress is going and decide what procedure to do next. I stopped the Epiduo for some time because I used more than the indicated amount and burned my skin ><. I will start it again once my skin heals from the irritation. She advised me that she will like to do some microneedling on my next visit depending on my progress. I will keep everyone posted! And remember, God is in control!!

After 2nd erbium laser and microneedling

So on Wednesday, my doctor decided to do another erbium laser resurfacing at a stronger setting and micro needling with a 2 mm needle. I have to admit that it was definitely more painful than the other procedures. So the micro needling was done with a micro pen prior to the laser. I was applied numbing cream which was left to set for a few minutes. The laser followed and both procedures took about an 1 1/2 to complete. I have fully healed and will post some pictures of my progress. I'll allow the reader to be the judge :)
Another big update is that my derm feels I should take Accutane to clear my acne. In a month, I am scheduled to return to hopefully start my dosage and after completing the six months I can return to receiving more treatments (which is quite upsetting).

Update - Pictures! After 2nd erbium laser and microneedling!

Update - Accutane

I feel like I should post an update of my progress. I am on my 3rd month of Accutane (half way there) and by February I hope to finish my dose. Its a lengthy process and at times a bit difficult. The side effects I am experiencing (at their worst) is excessive dryness, peeling, and initial joint pain. The joint pain has eased thank God, but I am returning to my workout routine so we'll see how my muscles react. Everyone, I can only speak from my experience so far. My skin has cleared to an extent I never thought possible. Areas I believed consisted of scars (damaged texture) was actually surfacing acne and whiteheads! My lips are enduring the most pain because they are constantly breaking and peeling but my skin has a tolerable dryness. Being accustomed to excessive oiliness, I can live with this dryness. My dermatologist told me I have more to go in my Accutane progress which means there will be more improvement or clearance. As soon as I finish in Feb I will start researching scar treatments again. There is a wait period after Accutane to insure your skin returns to its normal state. But I am very happy with my current results. Everyone tells me how clear my skin looks and cant really tell my scars unless I point them out. You can all see my pictures, my scars are evidently there. But the clearance of my skin has counteracted my scars making them seem less visible. I will give an update in a few months around the end of my dosage. God Bless everyone and I wish you all the best on your journeys!

Fifth Month of Accutane - current results on scars and acne

This is what my skin looks like now - scars and all. As you can tell, i have visible pigmentation. I have eased on using makeup and at times avoid it completely so thats what makes my pigmented scarring resonate more.

Finished Accutane!

I finished my Accutane dose in the beginning of March due to my blood results. In total, I was on Accutane for 5 months and the doctor felt I had reached the expected stage of improvement and clearance. It is the beginning of April and my body is already producing oil (which sucks). I have my oily face again and my hair is also getting greasy fast. The clearance has remained (Thank God) and I am currently on the waiting period in order to start getting scar treatments. It's a process and patience is necessary! I've had minor breakouts, pimple here or there, but not like before. I'm eager more than ever to get the scar treatments because my biggest problem with oily skin is that it makes my scars resonate more! The oil seems to sink into my indented scarring making them more visible (even in that "good" lighting). When I was dry while on Accutane, the dryness gave me a more matte and smooth finish. Well, I can't give up and I will continue to trust in God! Just an update

Update - scheduled for scar treatment

So I saw my dermatologist about 2 weeks ago and we are starting the scar treatments. Since I have a few huge box scars, she wants to try a new treatment to target them. I am scheduled the first week of June for punch excision. I've read a lot on it and I'm trusting in God it will work out well. I will post updated pics before and after the procedure!

Updates! - scarring and acne

So I've had a couple more procedures for scarring. In June, had punch excision on some test spots and yesterday, i had it done on the scars in front of my face. Also, I had TCA Cross done both times after the excisions and one light chemical peel on my T-zone area to ease the whiteheads and closed comedones. My doctor has decided to put me on Spironolactone because I've been getting a lot of whiteheads and clogged comedones. This is not a relapse after Accutane because it's not cystic. I am having my stitches removed from this second excision next week. I will post pictures as soon as I can!

My opinion so far.....
TCA cross is great for icepick scarring and large pores! I have a much smoother appearance after the TCA in June and in that side lighting, my skin does not look as deformed. Note, I did have a lot of small scarring that was accompanied by these huge boxscars I got excised. I can't comment on the excisions yet, but the test spots seemed to heal nicely. The test spots were done in a less noticeable area. Any questions please feel free :)
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