22 Years Old Brit Finally Getting Invisalign for Very Crooked Teeth! - United Kingdom

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Like the title says basically! I've been wanting...

Like the title says basically! I've been wanting to get treatment for my crooked teeth for years now, but I've never had the funds to be able to afford it (I could have had it free as a teen, but they told me I'd have to loose four teeth so I never did it)

Anyway, I finally shopped around and found an Invisalign provider I was happy to proceed with. He's extremely helpful, and answers any questions I have. X-Rays and moulds were taken and today, I was finally able to pick up my first set of aligners a today!

As of yet I don't have any attachments because he wants me to get used to having the aligners in for the first two weeks. I'll also have IPL treatment then (0.4mm off my front upper teeth) and further along into treatmentagain. I have 36 aligners to go through in total (in for the long haul)

All in all. I'm really suffering today. There's tightness around my teeth that's making one hurt on both the top and bottom. Also my bottom aligner has been rubbing against my tongue causing it to be really sore...Does anyone have any recommendations to help with that?

Oh and my upper aligner doesn't cover all my teeth? The further molar in the top left hand side of my mouth isn't covered. is that normal or have they made a mistake here?

I've included pictures so you can see the crowding in my mouth. It's pretty bad currently, so I'm willing to take the pain.

Aligner #2

I have had my attachments on and I've been given my second set of aligners. Taking them off was really painful initially but now I can do it like a pro with minimal discomfort.

Other then that not much to report. My aligners don't feel uncomfortable any more and my lisp is only very slight. I do however think there's a difference in my tweet already
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