Bruising/bleeding of Encapsulated Breasts After Augmantation Surgery (Silicone, Under-muscle)

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I had a breast augmentation 8 years ago...

I had a breast augmentation 8 years ago (silicone-under the muscles)and for last 3 years they have become harder and harder, to the point I find it hard to sleep as they are painful when I even lie on my side. I also have,what looks like,bruising under both breasts which is dark red in colour; like an old bleed. My GP advised I go back to the cosmetic surgeon for advice but sadly I cannot afford to do this.

I had an augmentation to boost self esteem and to feel more feminine. Initially it did give me confidence and I felt sexy fo the first time in my life! But, I regret having put my body through this as I now have encapsulated breasts and feel a bit of a freak.

My question is: Can anything realistically be done to improve the situation without removing them altogether? I had no breast tissue, or very little, before the op so am reluctant to be totally flat chested. Many thanks.

Dorchester Private Hospital. Dorset, England

No follow up care.

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