Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery - Should Have Done It Sooner

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WHY I DID IT: I decided to have endoscopic surgery...

WHY I DID IT: I decided to have endoscopic surgery 6 years ago at 32 years old - While that may seem young, my eyebrows sat just above my eyelids (approx 1.1 versus 2.5) and I had heavy eyelids (genetics). If I was not smiling people commented that I looked "sad"/tired.

I found the best doctor -not by price - but reputation. I had a referral from my sister who did a rotation with him. I liked that he had a fantastic track record.

PROS/CONS - I am completely satisfied. Would have loved to heal faster that the 3 weeks (heavy bruising 1st week/light thereafter); however, it was well worth the wait. Only CON - I learned through a trip to the ER that I have MitroValve after becoming very dehydrated a day after the surgery. It would have been nice to stay in an overnight "care hotel" just for the peace of mind.

I think if anyone is not satisfied with their results - they need to look at expectations or the actual surgeon they selected. UPDATE - at 39 years old - I still get compliments & my eyebrows sit at the 2.5 above the pupil since the surgery 6 years ago.

Dr. Bafitis

I highly recommend my Dr. HE is the best - former President the the American Plastic Surgery Assoc & actually teaches (and has failed) other plastic surgeons looking to get board cert. He's the best with a great bedside manner

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