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I had Ulthera in October. I chose this procedure...

I had Ulthera in October. I chose this procedure after LOTS of research and actually based heavily on the great reviews here because unlike Thermage, NOBODY who reviewed it said it didn't work for them. Well, I'm here to say...it DID NOT WORK!! Not that the results are "mild" or "subtle"...No. The "results" are non-existent!

I had the procedure, came in for all the photos and check-ups and it was agreed that it did nothing. Nearly six months later I was offered the procedure again by my doctor who said that the second time "may trigger" something. I was only given ulthera on the lower face the second time (why, I have no idea). Well big surprise, hurt like hell again and...nothing!

I really wanted something that wasn't surgical. I had started noticing sagging jowls, a double chin and more loose skin. I don't know anyone else personally who had this procedure, so I was going on complete faith in the reviews from strangers. I thought investing $3,000 of my hard earned money would give me some type of result, even subtle-anything!

Well, be warned: Ulthera may or may not do anything to tighten your skin! One thing is for certain...it will hurt a LOT! I had two types of painkillers and it still hurt so much. I never write reviews for anything, but since this is where I did a lot of my own research, I feel people should know that there is a failure rate for this procedure. I was never told that and I can definitely say, had I known I would have picked something more CERTAIN.

I am NOT HAPPY AT ALL ABOUT BEING OUT $3000! That may not be a lot to a surgeon, but it is a small fortune to me!

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