Neck Lift Results After 7 Months. Perplexed - Encino, CA

Here is a photo of my before and after. I believe...

Here is a photo of my before and after. I believe I look better before the neck left. My jaw line was more defined and I did not have the bumpy ill-defined profile I now have. Dr sewed neck bands together and also 'lifted' neck skin with incisions along front of ear as well as back. There is no discernible difference except that it looks worse. The Dr said the lift 'dropped' and that he would repair. He also stated that he did lipo but I had very little fat to lipo and he also did not discuss this procedure with me during our consult. I would not have allowed lipo. I am not looking forward to more surgery and certainly not with him. Is it possible to settle for refund and go to another surgeon for revision? He said he did nothing wrong. He was board certified and reputable. I am withholding his name until I make a decision as to how to proceed. Thank you so much for your expert opinion.
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