Calf Implant Recovering. Encino, CA

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It's 5 days post op.. so far the pain has not been...

It's 5 days post op.. so far the pain has not been that terrible.. took pain meds for the first 3 days.. but main problem is of course walking.. can't straighten my legs so I shuffle my little feet to get around.. sometimes I use a walker.. I developed an allergic rash due to the tape so I had to take it off .. it's still itchy and bumpy and red from the reaction so I'm putting cortisone cream and taking benadryl.. hoping I can start walking normal soon

2 month update

I'm completely able to walk. Though if I'm off my leg for a bit it's a little tight for a bit but no pain.. my scar has healed great.. I put after 2 weeks a silicone sheet constantly and I think that made a big difference.. there's a little darkening of the surrounding area but hopefully that will improve.. as far as the implant itself my left leg looks perfect.. feels natural and looks natural.. but my right side on the mid and lower bottom end there is a lot of hardness and you can see the indentation of where the implant is.. I haven't had a followup yet to see if the doctor thinks it will improve because it's pretty major for me.. I will update after u after i see the doctor.

3 month update

Well I'm walking ok.. except my right side still gets tight and it also is not looking right.. my implant on my right side is higher than the left and I developed a hard scar so I have a big indentation from my lower calf where the implant is placed so you can definitely see the implant so it looks obvious.. also strangely I can feel the implant edges all around to where I think I can actually rotate it if I wanted but my left side the edges are blended... my left side came out perfect but my right side did not.. so not sure how I feel about doing the surgery... maybe Dr younai did not make the pocket the same as my left.. seems different and maybe contributed to my scar and edges being seen and felt.
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